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Finding the right network configuration for your business, and knowing that network is safe from intruders seems to get more complex every day. We're here to help design a network to fit your needs without painting you in a technological corner, and installing and monitoring that system using proven security techniques that will keep your data safe behind a network firewall.
These days, connecting your LAN to the Internet is a dangerous proposition. Yet, many businesses do just this, and leave themselves wide open to network penetrations, data loss, electronic snooping, hacker attacks, unauthorized access, stolen password, denial of service, viruses, trojans, and these are only some of the security issues businesses face today.
Our security experts can design a system for your needs that will be secure from todays "malware" and tomorrows viruses.

We recommend that you have at least one firewall at your network/internet connection. Let us help you chose from avariety of firewall solutions, and configure that firewall to meet your operational and security needs quickly and inexpensively. Blocking unwanted internal services i.e. Kazaa, Gnutells etc., and blocking unwanted external sites such as ponrography etc. Once the firewall is in, we enable firewall logging and and offer monitoring services
for intrusion detection.

Go Explore the Internet, freely
We want you to experience the Internet as it was meant to be - without worries.
Experience the award-winning ESET NOD32® detection technology. You get fast and powerful anti-malware protection, whether you are surfing the Internet, working, or gaming.
Antivirus and Anti-Phishing
Spend much time online? Securely browse the Internet with Antivirus, Antispyware and Exploit Blocker. Steer clear of fake websites thanks to Anti-Phishing.
Signature-light footprint
We've built it to be light on your system, leaving more power to the programs you use daily.
Fresh, new and easy to use
Experience a redesigned look that makes it even more user-friendly.
Leading-edge detection technology for your protection:
Exploit Blocker:
Blocks attacks specifically designed to evade antivirus detection. Protects against attacks on web browsers, PDF readers and other applications, including Java-based software.
Advanced Memory Scanner:
Enables improved detection of persistent malware that employs multiple layers of encryption to conceal its activity.
Smart DNA Signatures: Makes it possible to detect thousands of related malware variants, including new previously unknown ones.

System Requirements: ESET NOD32 Antivirus runs on any system with Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (Service pack 3), and Microsoft Windows Home Server 2003, 2011. Product requires an Internet connection.
ESET Unilicense: Protect multiple operating systems installed on a single machine: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Upgrade to a newer product version as we release it – completely for free
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