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Duet Switch 1
Fax Stream Duet Switch
Duet Switch 2
Fax Stream Duet Switch
Voice Priority
Fax Switch
Easy Installation Method
Fax Switch
Traditional Method
DUET SWITCH 1 Provides for Basic Home Use. Is ideal for sites that use telephones connected to a single telephone socket. Will operate with MOST but not all Fax Machines because some Fax Machines will not answer the short FaxStream Duet® rings.
DUET SWITCH 2 Provides Enhanced facilities to ensure full operation for all telephone devices. Ideal for sites that use telephones connected to one or more telephone sockets. Can also allow reception of Faxes sent to your normal number. Operates with ALL Fax Machines, because it regenerates normal Australian ring.
FAX SWITCH 1 Is ideal where Fax Reception is light. Is designed for use with an Answering Machine. Uses a 'Voice Priority' operating method and it is totally Transparent, which means that your Callers will never know that there is a Fax or Switch on the line.
FAX SWITCH 2 Is designed for Business Use where Fax Reception is higher. Is Ideal for PABX use. Can operate with or without an Answering Machine. Provides 'Fax Priority' and 'Voice Priority' operating modes. 'Voice Priority' operation allows for Easy User Installation. 'Fax Priority' operation may require installation by a technician.

Outgoing Only
Modem Switch
Automatic Reception on Phone/ PABX Line
Modem Switch
Multiple Dial In Devices - Modem Switching Solution
EFT-POS Switch
AUTO-CONNECT will allow your Modem based device to connect to your Fax or ABX/Commander line, to make outgoing calls. This low cost unit provides automatic connection to the telephone line on dialing. Other device is then locked out. Will also allow both a Fax and Fax/Modem to send and receive Faxes on your Fax line.
MODEM SWITCH will allow your existing Data Modem Device to connect to any Single Telephone Line, Fax Line or a Multi Line (PABX) phone system, to provide for FULLY AUTOMATIC Dial In & Dial Out Modem Data operation. Other Models are available that allow up to 8 Modem devices to be connected on 1 line
AUTO-SELECT devices will allow a total of up to EIGHT DEVICES, such as Modems, EFT-POS and Fax machines, to be fitted to the same line. These devices will be able to DIAL IN/OUT or DIAL OUT on this line. Barge-in protection is provided to ensure that only one device can have access to the line at any one time.

EFTPOS SWITCH will allow your existing EFTPOS device to share any existing Single Telephone Line, Fax Line or a Multi Line (PABX) phone system. Provides automatic connection on dialing. BARGE-IN protection prevents interface when line is in use. Alternative model is available which will allow EFTPOS operation on 2 lines.

Telephone Call Recording
Multiple Number
Service Switch
VOIP Switch
Two Line Switch
Automatic Announcement Device
Several Models are provided which will enable you to RECORD your telephone calls to a PC, or other recorder, from any telephone handset or by connection direct to your single telephone line.
Operate two numbers on one line. MULTIPLE NUMBER SWITCH will connect your Multiple Number calls to one set of phones or answering machine and your normal number calls to another set of phones or answering machine.
Now you can connect TWO telephones lines (Telstra, Optus, VOIP, ISDN or Tie Line) to one or more Telephones, Fax, Modem, Cordless Telephone, Answering Machine or any Telephone device. Receive incoming calls from either line. Make outgoing calls on either line.

Our AUTOMATIC ANNOUNCEMENT DEVICE will ANSWER your incoming telephone calls, will then play a recorded MP3 announcement before ringing your telephones, PABX or other Multi Line phone system or if you prefer, to simply hang up. This product is ideal for use as an automatic information service, for announcing a change of telephone number or to advise that calls may be recorded.

Single Line On Hold Switch
Message On Hold
Message On Hold
Message On Hold

Our DMC family of devices are Connect your MOH Line Sharer direct to any telephone socket on your line, using the supplied cable and adaptor. Then connect the audio outlet of your RADIO, CD PLAYER, DIGITAL MESSAGE CENTRE or even your PC to your Line Sharer using the supplied audio cable. Connect your telephone or telephones direct to our MOH unit using the supplied adaptor. To place any call ON HOLD, simply press 2 on any telephone and then hang up. Your caller will then be immediately connected direct to your MUSIC or MESSAGE ON HOLD source. To resume the call, simply pick up the same telephone or any other telephone on the line.

Model SLS-1 Is the COMPLETE Message On Hold solution for users of Single Telephone Lines ! It incorporates our popular DMC Digital Message Centre with a sophisticated telephone line switch, which can be plugged into ANY telephone socket on the line. Once connected, you can place any Call ON HOLD, from any telephone extension at any time, just as if you were using a PABX system. You can then resume the call from the same telephone or any other telephone on the line.

Model SLS-2 Has all the facilities of SLS-1 and in addition provides the capability where it can automatically answer incoming calls when you are unable to, play a Greeting Message and then place the call On Hold until you are able to take it. It can even be programmed to output reminder rings at required intervals to remind you that you have a call on hold.

Model SLS-3 Has all the facilities of SLS-2 and in addition provides an After Hours Announcement facility where it can play a specific message to all after hours callers. It will also count and display the number of Calls that have been received when set to After Hours operation. An answering machine can also be connected to SLS-3, if you wish to receive messages from your after hours callers. SLS-3 has a 'Switch' on the front panel which allows you to quickly set it for Day Time operation or After Hours operation and the LCD screen will display the setting you have selected.

Remote Telephone Activator
Pro Version with
Extended Features
Plug in
240V Control Unit
Plug in
PC Reset Unit
With our RTA-1device, you will be able to call in to Switch ON, Switch OFF or RESET your PC, SERVER or any electrical equipment by telephone line using touch tone commands. RTA connects to any telephone line. Requires PCU or PCR accessory. Provides one control port.
With our RTA-2 device, you will be able to call in to Switch ON, Switch OFF or RESET your PC, SERVER or any electrical equipment by telephone line using touch tone commands. RTA connects to any telephone line. Requires PCU or PCR accessory. Provides two control ports.
POWER CONTROL UNIT connects direct to the RTA and also to your power socket to allow telephone line dial in switching of the 240V supply connected to your equipment. Easy Plug In User Installation. Controls up to 10 Amps.

PC RESET UNIT connects to any PC to allow remote telephone PC RESET, or can also be used to turn ON or OFF PC's with ATX style motherboards. Easy User Installation.

Door Phone That Connects To Home Phones
Door Phone That Connects To Any PABX
Door Phone
Single Line Call Transfer & Phone Based Intercom System

Models DS1, DS2 or DS3 are designed to operate with your ordinary (residential type) PSTN telephone line. They are also suitable for sites that do not use a telephone line, such as VOIP users or households that only use Mobile Phones. ONE or TWO of our range of surface mount or flush mount DOOR PHONES can be connected direct to the DOOR STATION controller. The door phones can be up to 300 metres from the door station controller (the total distance of 1 or 2 door phones). When a visitor presses the call button on the door phone, our door station controller will RING all the TELEPHONES on your line with a different ring so that you will know the call is from the door phone. All you need to do is to answer any telephone to achieve loud and clear communication with your visitor. There are no call charges.

Our DS6 model has the ability to DIAL OUT to your mobile phone (or any other programmed telephone number) when you are not home and connect you to your visitor at the door phone (normal call charges apply). You will then be able to converse with your visitor and even let them in if you wish. If you have a SECURITY ALARM or HOME AUTOMATION system, you can use the second relay of model DS3 or DS6 to interface to it and with suitable equipment you can even have a photo or streaming video of your visitors sent to your smart phone. An Alarm Interface Module (AIM) accessory is also available to automatically set your DS6 to attended or unattended call mode.

A selection of Door Phones are available for use with our range of Door Station Line Sharers. Our range includes a Surface Mount model (that mounts on top of your wall surface - Surface mounting door phone - Plastic injection moulded casing - 2 Wire connectivity - Basic audio clarity and volume - Budget solution ) and a selection of Flush Mount models (that mount into your wall surface - Compact Size, Flush Mounting Door Phone (optional SMK2 surface mounting kit is available), Marine Grade Stainless Steel fascia plate. Touch Switch activation. Available for Vertical (V) or Horizontal (H) mounting. Uses superior 4 Wire High Quality Audio circuit.) Provision has also been made for the inclusion of a Video Camera.

Easy-Transfer is designed to operate on your NORMAL residential type single telephone line and to operate with your EXISTING telephones (including Cordless Phones). Telephone calls are transferred to the other extension by simply pressing the * button on your telephone. Intercom calls are initiated by simply pressing the * button on your telephone. EASY-TRANSFER generates a 'different ring' for Transferred Calls and Intercom calls to alert you. EASY-TRANSFER can be set to operate in PARTY MODE where the other EASY-TRANSFER extension can access the same call at the same time, or in PRIVATE MODE where only one extension can access the telephone caller at one time.

High Quality Digital Audio Player
Switch/Trigger Inputs
Multiple Speaker Output Zones
Connect to your Public Address System
Our TDU (Talking Display Unit) is a completely solid state (no moving parts) Digital Message player, which is specifically designed for a wide range of interactive Messaging applications. This product is ideal for Product Promotions, Product Information, Message Warnings etc.
Our MIU (Multiple Input Unit) allows for up to 12 separate movement sensors or switches to be connected to the TDU. Each sensor triggers its own unique message, output via any 8 ohm unpowered, powered or amplified speaker.
Our SSU (Speaker Switching Unit) allows for up to 12 separate speakers to be connected to the TDU so that each sensor triggers its own separate message, output on its own separate speaker. Background music can be played at all other times.

Our ASU (Audio Switching Unit) allows the TDU to be connected to any existing PA or Background Music system. The existing PA or Background Music system is then muted or faded whenever a TDU message is broadcast and then reconnected when finished. Muting from 15-100% is achieved with a variable pot. Our AUDIO SWITCH UNIT (ASU) will allow the Talking Display Unit (TDU) to share the amplifiers and speakers used in an existing in store background music system.


STD Version
PRO Version
CLI Version

International Version

RingMaster STD,will allow 2 telephone devices to ring and communicate with each other, without the need to make costly calls and occupy 2 lines. Ideal for Testing, Training & Demonstration of all analogue telephone devices.
RingMaster PRO, provides all facilities of the STD model, and in addition provides Australian Dial Tone, Busy Tone and multiple ring outputs including FaxStream Duet & Multiple Number ring. Also available with USA, UK, or other output.
RingMaster CLI, provides all facilities of the PRO model and in addition will generate Caller ID (Calling Number Display) output in conjunction with any Telstra ring pattern. Provides 10 preset outputs, plus Alphanumeric & user definable transmissions.

Our RingMaster International Version provides switch selectable dial tone, busy tone and ring output emulation for over 20 countries. Ideal for exporters of telecommunications Equipment.

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